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Breakfast trials at Vilacqua

Loretta preparing a dish at the Vilacqua breakfast trials

On Thursday 3rd November Vilacqua hosted a breakfast trial for a group of 10 select guests. The diners included friends and colleagues of Loretta (the proprietor) who maintains that “close friends and family always tell the truth”.

Included among the guests was Plett Tourism’s Projects Manager, Patty Butterworth, who had the following to say:

“Vilacqua is set in a peaceful environment, high enough up on the hill to give diners a beautiful view of the gardens with ample birdlife and the sweeping vista of the bay while they enjoy the delicious breakfasts on offer. We sampled various options which were devised to cater for all tastes; from the lighter, fruity continental option to the heavier full English style, each and every taste was a delight. We were then given the opportunity to provide critical feedback on the dishes that had been prepared, but I can honestly say that it was hard to come up with anything too negative. I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion!”





The breakfast options on offer were as follows:

Banana Pancakes

A colorful blend of homemade pancakes with full cream yoghurt and fresh fruit of the season.

Coconut Porridge

Fresh oats or buckwheat, cooked in coconut milk, topped with blueberries, kiwi and strawberries.

Muesli at its best…

Homemade, muesli served layered with fresh fruit, linseeds and yoghurt accompanied with assorted nuts and honey.

Banana French Toast Bake

Baked bananas with vanilla and cinnamon, French toast topped with blueberries served with maple syrup.

Croque Madam

Fresh soda or rye bread married together with gypsy ham, gruyere cheese in a special roux, a choice fried or poached egg to crown.

Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Quinoa cooked in vanilla or almond milk, flavored with banana and chocolate chips (optional) drizzled with yoghurt and fresh blueberries.

Bacon & Asparagus Egg Cup

Baked bacon bun case topped with an egg and framed with asparagus with baked vine tomatoes.

Scrambled Egg & Spinach on Rye, Baked Vine tomatoes

Fluffy scrambled egg on a bed of spinach with balsamic baked tomatoes.




General comments

General comments from the guests ranged from “Will you be able to cater for clients where you need to observe religious requirements” to “Will you have items on offer which are ‘Banting’ and ‘Paleo’?”

Presentation, plates & tableware were all seen as fantastic and guests loved the colours & excellent quality.

Fresh juices & mint water were also seen as a nice alternative to coffee.

The muesli was liked by all although one commented that the portion was too large. The blueberry chocolate muffins were considered perfect, and the banana pancakes got approval for being very light and tasty.

The guests also liked the way the Bacon & Asparagus Egg Cup was presented on a plate, and because each egg was cooked differently guests could choose which one they preferred.

The Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bake was seen as a nice option for one to try something different on holiday, while the Banana French Toast Bake was hailed as absolutely delicious and a lovely treat for breakfast!





The verdict

Fun and laughter was had by all… although on a serious note, constructive criticism was made by some of the visitors, which was vital to enable Vilacqua’s cook and baker to prepare and deliver only the best of the best for future guests.