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“Mangiamo!” – Let’s eat!


It’s picnic time! Time to explore the natural treasures of beautiful Plett. Everybody knows that a picnic cannot possibly be a rip roaring success without that perfect picnic lunch to refuel you. At Vilacqua we understand that this is the best part of the picnic experience and so we have devised the perfect picnic basket to smooth out your dusty, rocky trails.


Vitality Juice

When your legs are aching and your tongue peels from the roof of your mouth much like that strip of Velcro on your sneakers, then a vitality juice is just the thing to ease you into lunch. With a selection of vitamin and mineral boosting, raw ingredients, freshly squeezed from the source, this elixir is sure to refresh your tired limbs and your adventurous soul. Cool and very tasty, it’s the bizz!


The Picnic Health Cob

The Health Cob is undoubtedly the champion of sarnies and deserves to be on the very top of the snack podium. If you look closely you may even spot the colours of the Italian flag. At the risk of sounding cheesy (no pun intended of course), the cob is like a pizza bomb, encased in a loaf of crusty, heavenly bread, just bursting at the seams…Yup, it’s that good! Served cold, those delicious slices crammed with ingredients, will disappear faster than you can say, “I’ll have another please.”


Haddock, egg and cheese mini bakes

Let’s face it, any dish with the words ‘mini bakes’ in the title is sure to disappear fairly fast. Don’t be caught napping where these babies are concerned. Come to think of it, you may wanna pack your fat pants for this picnic. You won’t be sorry.


Quinoa with baked vegetables, lemon pesto dressing and feta

Hailed as the new protein wunderkind, quinoa is the buzz word amongst nutritionists and athletes alike. Not only is it good for you but it can be incredibly tasty in the hands of a creative cook. This salad oozes flavour and crunchy goodness. You can virtually feel your muscles repairing as you chew. Yum!


Energy Smoothie

Not everyone likes to stop and eat whilst in the throes of a killer hike. At Vilacqua we don’t judge…we innovate. Enter the energy smoothie. Throw this puppy down your neck without missing a single stride and refuel on the go. Packed with slow release goodness and of course absolutely bursting with yumminess, this liquid energy boost will keep you going like the proverbial Duracel bunny.


Video: Watch what Loretta prepares for her guests’ picnic baskets