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The top 10 attractions in Plett

Plett lagoon

According to Oflocal website, the top 10 attractions  in Plett are:

Offshores Adventures

offshore-adventures-swim-with-sealsThe ocean is an amazing place of adventures and one cannot visit South Africa without having explored its oceans. This company offer the exciting opportunity to connect and with Blue and Mako sharks, seals and even schools of sardines.

They are involved in seal rescue and have operate in the most respectful way towards the animals and the ocean. All the equipment needed is provided by them and visitors can simply dive and enjoy the underwater experience.

Plettenberg Bay Beaches

Plettenberg Bay is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and offers magnificent views from almost any point of view. 14 kilometres of sandy beach divided into 11 beautiful beaches each with their own particularity but all gorgeous and enchanting. Whether looking for a shallow spot for the little ones, a beautiful place to swim and tan, a quiet beach for a long walk or a romantic picnic, the many beaches of Plettenberg Bay have it all.

AfriCanyon Adventures

Explore the river with AfriCanyon, navigate through the river shallows, jump, zip-line, swim through fresh-water mountain pools, slide down natural water slides and abseil in and around waterfalls as you dip down into the river gorge. First timer, novice or seasoned at canyoning we’ve got your back. Under our professional guidance, using high spec adventure equipment your qualified guide ensures a kloofing adventure you simply can’t get enough of.

AfriAbseil: Via Ferrata & Abseil

Using the Via Ferrata system for added safety, access a sheer 50meter abseil. Test your mettle with our professionally trained guides on hand all the way. Remain dry throughout, enjoy wide open skies and great views, this trip is sure to inspire. Explore your spirit of adventure. All levels of explorers welcome, first timer, novice or experienced. Booking essential.

Porcupine Ceramics

Porcupine Ceramics has been creating magnificent pieces that are sold all over South Africa and the world since its establishment in ’94 and they open their factory doors for a more up close and personal look at how they create such pieces. The tours are offered during working hours when the public can experience the entire process from shaping the clay to the firing process. The finished pieces are an absolute delight to admire and are available for sale

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Snakes are a very misunderstood species and this sanctuary aims to not only preserve their reptilian residents but also to educate visitors. They propose guided tours every hours where visitors can observe more than 100 snakes alongside other members of the reptilian family such as lizards and crocodiles. The snake pit, the massive python and the crocodile exhibits are an impressive sight and make for an exciting yet educational outing.


This award winning primate sanctuary is one of the first to let its monkeys roam freely in a forest shared with the Birds of Eden sanctuary. The forest is 12 hectares wide with another 13 hectares added for protection and hosts almost 550 primates that are mostly foreign to South Africa. The sanctuary main purpose is to care for and protect those animals from the dangers related to wild life and they open their doors in an effort to raise awareness and educate people on these wonderful creatures.

The Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary’s aim is to offer an opportunity to the public to learn and discover the largest land mammal in a way they have never experienced before. Contrarily to wild elephants in natural reserve, the elephants at this sanctuary are more docile and gentle and offer the chance of an amazing interaction with this magnificent animal. Experience a walk with an elephant trunk in hand or even ride an elephant for a full experience at the sanctuary.

Radical Raptors

This establishment serves as a rehabilitation centre and strives to rescue, rehabilitate and release birds of prey. Not all the birds they rescue are fit to be release in the wild and those stay and help the centre raise awareness on the plight of these gorgeous creatures. They regularly host impressive flying exhibitions that mesmerize the crowds and some of the birds can be touched and handled with glove protection

Plett Puzzle Park

This original concept is the first of its kind in South Africa and offers an unlimited source of fun and excitement for the whole family. The park has two main attractions, a life size 3D maze and a thrilling Forest Puzzle Walk. Both are designed to challenge body and mind in a stimulating way and make for a great team building exercise, a thrilling and affordable school activity as well as a fun date. They have a great play area for children next to their coffee shop and the gift shop is filled with fun puzzle gifts.


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