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Vilacqua is all about sharing Africa


vilacqua-coffee-magazine-relaxVilacqua is all about sharing the abundance of Africa with friends and loved ones.

Whether you plan to while away the hours ensconced in your personal space, or share meals & laughter and be energetic and adventurous, you can celebrate the richness of life in true Vilacqua style.



vilacqua-yoga-class-tai-chiGuests are welcome to join in a Yoga Practice, Tai Chi or a simple stretch class with Loretta on one of Vilacqua’s decks.

In addition, Adri, a bodywork practitioner, will come and visit you here upon request; her passion lies in facilitating a space where guests/clients are able to explore fluid functional movement.

“The body/mind connection is such a beautiful enigma,” says Adri, “and it appears that our ultimate sense of freedom emerges from reverent flow between the two.”


Offered just for you at Vilacqua:

  • Private Yoga/Pilates/Movement Lessons
  • Fascial Release Therapy (fascial therapy works on releasing and opening fascial chains within the body)
  • Lomi-Lomi Massage/Remedial Sports Massage depending on what you are needing at the time



vilacqua-cycling-mountain-bike-3009Cycling is a huge recreational sport in South Africa and there are lots of cycling activities for you to enjoy.
For your exercise and enjoyment we have available two brand new mountain bikes (female and male) for you to explore Plett – possibly the forests and the mountains.

We also have a selection of games – cards, dominoes and trivia – for you to play whilst relaxing here in your temporary home enjoying the beauty of the fire pit and a few drinks.

Please ask Loretta about what is on offer in Plett – maybe a wine tasting tour, a private day with the elephants, a sky dive or an aerobatic flip – there is just  so much to see and do here.

Love, Peace, Happiness