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‘The Bachelor’ filmed in the Vilacqua grounds

the bachelor filmed at vilacqua

It was an exciting day at Vilacqua when the film crew arrived in numbers of 20 including Producer, Directors, Set Designer, Script writer, Interviewers, Props Master, electricians, lighting and sound crew and cameramen, all going about their jobs to prepare the sets for the three scenes that comprised the shoot of The Bachelor in beautiful Plettenberg Bay.

Behind the scenes photos

The Deliberation Scene

The first shoot was of The Bachelor deliberating his ultimate choice of bachelorette out of the two finalists. He was being filmed strolling the Vilacqua gardens with a pensive look on his face, he was then filmed on the garden seat reading letters from the two beautiful Finnish girls that he had to choose from. There had to be complete silence from all around as filming took place… then a dog started barking loudly outside the Vilacqua grounds, the Director shouted ‘cut! Can someone shut that dog up’ … how was one supposed to stop a dog from barking…..?

Mix & Mingle Scene

This scene was set on the Vilacqua sun deck, candles where lit, canopies and champagne where served. The two girls and the The Bachelor being filmed sat together chatting away, a beautiful scene, laughter and conversation. Later in the evening, talking to the girls, they told me that they where very nervous, and although they had become good friends, they really where in competition.

The Rose Ceremony Scene

Filmed around the pool, this being the final scene of The Bachelor series, although that was not what transpired…. As the nervous girls where filmed at one end of the pool, and The Bachelor at the other, it became apparent that The Bachelor could not make a decision, the girls began to laugh with joy that they where still in the game. The Bachelor, filmed walking toward each of them, giving a hug and a kiss and the show must go on……