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Getting winter fit in Plett

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The topic of health and wellness used to be that of stuff and nonsense. Colour me forgetful but I don’t recall ever overhearing a conversation, during my eavesdropping childhood years, when my parents and their friends ever discussed the topic of health retreats or health trends – not even once! Then again I suppose those were the days of disco and free love… before the dawning of the age of plastic, GMO, radiation overload and such. Today, the current generation has quite a few challenges to face that our ancestors knew nothing about. As the global village has become a reality, health and wellness has become, out of sheer necessity, the number one concern for most.

So what do the experts have to say on the subject? In 2017 the ‘one size fits all’ approach to diet and health seems to have taken the back seat to the ‘individualised’ approach. Sending all and sundry off to the gym to pump iron or to skip the light fandango to Zumba. For a start, our individual genetic makeup is so varied that, what works for Bill, might not necessarily work for Bob (or his uncle). It has come to light that different body types thrive on different types of exercise and nutrition. To that end, finding your groove in both, is clearly the way to success.


Exercise is so much more than simply working up a sweat until you drop. Making it a sensory experience will not only bring health to your body but clarity to your mind and food to your soul. Get involved in nature. Take a deep breath and be bold enough to leave that smart device at home (or at least lock it up in the cubbyhole of your car) while you go for a hike in the forest or walk on the beach. Take up interesting new hobbies like SUP’ing (stand up paddling) or mountain biking. When we were children, we didn’t need to schedule our exercise regimes – we just played, got muddy and dirty and had an absolute blast doing it. Go on…get silly and play.

The other topic that is on everyone’s lips these days is ‘de-cluttering’. Not only is it good for the pocket but it’s very cathartic getting rid of all the junk we lug around with us year in and year out. A quick trip to the attic or storeroom will no doubt prove my point. We may not necessarily be hunters anymore but we sure are gatherers! The rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the last year then you probably won’t need it. If you’ve come back after serving on a ‘doctors without borders’ initiative then you have an excuse. If not…chuck it! When you replace old, useless items, be sure to buy smart. Buy glass jars instead of plastic ones, material bags instead of plastic bags, etc.


Another buzz word in health today is ‘sobriety’. Alcohol, like food, can be a crutch and the less you can depend on it to have a good time, the better for your overall wellbeing. This year, we’ll see the availability and variety of non-alcoholic options expand, so jump on this trendy bandwagon and try it out. Founder of alcohol-free movement One Year No Beer, Ruari Fairbairns has experienced this change personally and has seen it in other converts of the program as well. “I’d always dreamed of achieving so much and part of me suspected the booze was holding me back. Now I can say with absolute authority, ‘The booze was holding you back, mate.’” Well said!

In our next blog, we’ll dissect this topic of health and wellness in the 21st Century some more, so stay tuned. We’d love to hear from you at Vilacqua, so share your personal experiences and experimentation on health matters with us. Now go out there and get better!

Whether you plan to wile away the hours ensconced in your personal space, or share meals and laughter and be energetic and adventurous, you can celebrate the richness of life in true Vilacqua style.

Guests are welcome to join in a Yoga Practice, Tai Chi or a stretch class with Loretta, on one of Vilacqua’s decks. In addition, Adri, a bodywork practitioner, is happy to do an on-site session upon request. Her passion lies in facilitating a space where guests/clients are able to explore fluid functional movement. “The body/mind connection is such a beautiful enigma,” says Adri, “and it appears that our ultimate sense of freedom emerges from reverent flow between the two.”

The good news is that with a quick trip aboard CemAir, which flies direct to Plettenberg Bay from various provinces, getting away from it all is as easy as clicking a button on your smart device. Book a flight with CemAir and stay in one of our beautiful Vilacqua suites and take a step closer to your ultimate escape!